Traveling the world is an invigorating experience that cultivates the most delightful of memories...


Non-Exclusive Travel

I am only available for a few select dates in each city and accept a very limited number of engagements. I host from elegant, upscale locations in conveniently accessible metropolitan areas. 

Pre-booking is very highly recommended and reservation requests for all travel locations are currently being accepted.  Preference is given to requests submitted through a fully-completed reservation form on my website.


Touring investments:  


  • 1 hr            $900     
  • 1.5 hrs    $1,200     
  • 2 hrs       $1,600    
  • 3 hrs       $2,100    
  • 4 hrs       $2,700
  • 5 hrs       $3,100    
  • 6 hrs       $3,400   
  • Overnight (14 hrs)      $4,800 (minimum of 5 hrs uninterrupted sleep)
  • Daily (24 hrs)               $6,000
  • 48 hrs                          $10,000
  • each additional day    $5,000
  • Massage/fetish sessions - flat $500/hr.

Outcalls: Please add $100 to investments above.


Please note: all dates of longer than 24 hrs require a minimum of 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep each night. Rest assured I will be at your disposal for the entirety of our time together, but do ask for a reasonable amount of time to sleep, to conduct personal care, and to handle basic personal matters if/as they should arise.  

If you don't see your city, please check back often to view the most current developments in my travel schedule, or email me to request I add your city to my itinerary!


 Private Travel

Whether a popular vacation destination or a road less traveled, hitting the road is best done in the company of one who inspires, relaxes, and simply accepts.  I can provide a sorely needed respite from the stresses of a busy work trip, or exquisite companionship for the vacation of your dreams.  I am passport ready, with extra have my undivided attention.   

All private travel is available at my regular (Houston) investments, in addition to the following:


For all domestic US travel outside of a 4 hr driving distance of Houston:

- business or first class air travel preferred

- 4+ star accommodations and all expenses paid upon arrival

- minimum of a 6 hr date plus $500 travel stipend to cover time spent en route


...let's let the world be our oyster...


For all international travel:

- business or first class air travel

- 4+ star accommodations and all expenses paid upon arrival

- minimum of a 24 hr date, plus $1,000 travel stipend to cover time spent en route



Deposits and Cancelations:

Non-exclusive travel - 25% of date

Private travel - 50% of date plus 100% of travel expenses 

Deposits can be made once our time together has been confirmed; I offer several convenient options which will be provided at that time. To save you the hassle, I am happy to take care of my own flight reservation.


**Please see the Fine Print page for refund/cancelation policy.**


Available in the following cities while touring. Unless otherwise noted, I am available for dates in Houston or private travel. 


January 28-31, 2020

  • San Francisco, CA

March 17-20, 2020

  • Austin, TX

March 22-27, 2020

  • Seattle, WA

July 13-16, 2020

  • Milwaukee, WI

August 24-27, 2020

  • Charlotte, NC

Nov 30 -Dec 4, 2020

  • Las Vegas, NV