The Fine Print

I firmly believe in quality over quantity in every sense of the expression...


I am an extremely low-volume, exclusive provider and pride myself on building mutual chemistry and true connection during the time we share together.  I do not accept multiple appointments in the same day, as I believe in being truly present in the moment. The time we share together will be rejuvenating, invigorating, and a welcome reprieve from the stresses of the outside world...oh, and did I mention fun?! ;)


I am available by appointment only and do live a full, rich personal life while balancing family responsibilities and undertaking aggressive professional pursuits.  Please kindly understand that appointments of less than 24 hrs notice are rarely possible, and advanced notice of your interest to meet is both highly recommended and very much appreciated.  


Let's make our time together magical...


Special consideration is given to all date requests made via a fully completed reservation form on my website.  For the purpose of discretion and the confidential handling of your information, I manage screening and scheduling personally.  I will usually reply within 24 hours, often much sooner, unless I am away on an extended engagement.  I am very open-minded and do not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, or political beliefs.  Disability and newbie friendly. 


While it goes without saying that discretion is of utmost importance, I can absolutely guarantee all of your information remains private.  Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are always welcome.  Please send your form to my email, I will happily review, sign, and return it prior to you submitting your reservation request.


Once I am able to complete a verification I will happily send over some unblurred photos, and would gladly discuss more specifically your desires during our meeting.  I will also make available my personal cell number.  I have few restrictions and welcome respectful conversation.  I kindly request that any special wishes for our time together, no matter how large or small, be communicated to me at least 2-3 days ahead of time so that I may have sufficient time to honor such requests. 


If you are uncomfortable submitting your information via my online form, you are welcome to email me instead at: 



Life happens!  I completely understand that schedules can be crazy and changes and/or cancelations may be required from time to time.  However, please understand that I reserve our time together specifically for you, and that preparation for our time together often involves significant investment on my part.  I kindly ask that you be just as considerate of my time as you are of yours.  In the unlikely event that I must cancel, a full refund of any deposit made will be issued immediately along with a $100 credit toward a future date. 

For all local Houston engagements:

Please give a minimum of 24hrs notice if you need to cancel.  If you cancel within a 24 hour window, a 50% rebooking fee will be required.  Full payment is required for all dates canceled with less than 12 hrs notice.  Additionally, full pre-payment will be required for all NCNS.  

For all touring destinations:

Deposits are fully refundable if you must cancel our date prior to 14 days.  If you must cancel between 7-13 days, 50% deposit will be refunded.  No refunds are given if cancelation is within 7 days. 


Non-payment will result in blacklisting.