I would be absolutely honored for the opportunity to spend time together.  


The honorariums below are for rendezvous at my location. 

My upscale, well-appointed, private, and extremely discreet apartment provides a welcome oasis from the stresses of the world.  Located in a convenient location on the west side of Houston right off beltway 8, I can also offer secure, on-site parking accessible only by gate code. 


For visits to your location within the Houston metropolitan area, please add $100/45 min of travel time, as well as $25 for valet parking.


Please add $200 for all appointments of less than 24 hrs notice.


** Please note investments will be increasing January 1st, 2020.**  

*All previous grandfathering will expire, however for existing friends whose company I have had the privilege and delight of enjoying, investments will remain at the schedule below.  Please make note of them now as they will no longer be listed on the site once the new investment schedule is published. I appreciate you and our friendship!*


Hetaeric Companionship:

Experience the excitement of a much-awaited hidden desire coming to fruition...


Just a taste, for the busy professional...

  • 1 hr         $600     Sneak away for some much-needed "you" time between meetings...
  • 1.5 hrs    $750     Take a short break from the rest of the world.
  • 2 hrs       $900    Perfect for a business lunch! 


When a taste just isn't enough...

  • 3 hrs     $1,200    Coffee or cocktails?
  • 4 hrs     $1,500   The quintessential dinner date, and my personal favorite....
  • 5 hrs     $1,800   Unrushed perfection...
  • 6 hrs     $2,100   Let's hit the town!  
  • 8 hrs     $2,400  How shall we spend our day?

Deposit of 25% required for all dates of 8 hrs in duration or longer when local to Houston.  All touring and private travel dates require a 50% deposit, regardless of the length of time reserved. Please see my cancelation policy under "The Fine Print" page for further information. 


For the truly adventurous...

  • Overnight (14 hrs)      $3,000 (4 hrs uninterrupted sleep)
  • All-nighter! (12 hrs)    $4,000 (who needs sleep anyway?!)
  • Daily (24 hrs)              $4,500
  • Weekend (48 hrs)       $8,000
  • each additional day   $3,000

Please note: all dates of longer than 24 hrs require a minimum of 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep each night.  Rest assured I will be at your disposal for the entirety of our time together, but do ask for a reasonable amount of time to sleep, conduct personal care, and handle basic personal matters if/as they should arise. 


Bespoke Arrangements


Are you looking for regular, continued companionship?  Perhaps something more than just a flight of fancy?  Let me be your discreet confidant, enlightening muse, or simply a cherished, non-judgmental friend and sounding board...I thoroughly enjoy developing mutually beneficial relationships and cherish the opportunity to get to know you and bring joy to your world.  Premiere arrangements begin at a minimum of two dates per month.  If you are interested in building such a relationship, please feel free to initiate respectful conversation AFTER our first date.  


Sensual Massages 

Imagine a relaxing massage in comfort and privacy, accompanied by an alluringly dressed woman, the room lit by candlelight and soft music playing in the background...the exquisite healing nature of a woman's touch...there's really just nothing better. 

  • 30 min   $300
  • 1 hr         $350     
  • 1.5 hrs    $425    
  • 2 hrs      $500

Couples massage or four-handed massage with a gentleman friend, $500/hr.


Social Engagements & Professional Cuddling

The only thing better than a date out with a beautiful woman as arm candy is snuggling up next to one when you get home...or perhaps you're intrigued, but just not quite ready to take the plunge of meeting privately?  Let's break the ice with some great conversation over coffee, cocktails, or bite to eat! 

Please note the social rate only applies if the entirety of our time together is spent in a public setting.  If at any time we spend time in private, my regular investment schedule applies to the entirety of our date.

$200/hr flat




Fantasies are best when fulfilled...

Duets with with another beautiful woman...yes, it's as good as it sounds.

  • 2 hrs - $2,400   When you're with us, there's no sense in rushing...



 Interested in an adventurous evening with handsome, adventurous, bi-selective gentleman?

  • 1 hr     $1,000   Whirlwind!
  • 2 hrs   $2,000   Much more time for fun...
  • 3 hrs   $2,500   Absolutely perfect for happy hour (and our favorite!) 1 hr social time included.
  • 4 hrs   $3,000   Shall we entice to an extended happy hour or dinner? 2 hrs social time included.
  • Perhaps you'd like a sneak peak but aren't ready to participate?  Voyeur-only opportunities available ~ $750/hr.




Duets with Houston's premiere Dominatrix, Lady Falcon. $750/hr



Long Distance Companionship

When you need a sympathetic ear or no-strings-attached companionship but geography is keeping us apart...  

  • Daily          $200
  • Weekly     $700 
  • Monthly   $1,500
  • OR if you only have a limited time, $50 per 15 minute increment.

Includes real-time photos. Text only, no phone or video calls.


Personal Training

Complete training package including personalized workout routines and one nutritional counseling session, $600.  Includes on-going support.  Please inquire for further details.